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Shanghai Shengyuan Supersonic Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd .is by Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone and a high technology enterprise,which specially produces supersonic equipment and measurement instrument.

The company developed and manufactured standard series of supersonic cleaner with computer,digitization ,stepless adjustment and double-frequency,as well as large nonstandard cleaner and other products more than 20 years Through continuously adopting foreign advanced technology,units,processing method and quality system ,our company ensured the leading level of our products in domestic industry .Now the company adopts heating with film firstly in the supersonic cleaner to make the cleaner have even and quick heating.It adopts tramsverse supersonic transmitting firstly.The company forms the standard product series in the petroleum industry and obtains national patent of the product.

The object is “the enterprise can obtain benefit only if it serves the society”and “user”s need is our unending effort direction The “Shengyuan Supersonic”is the source of the supersonic.

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